To install a SharePoint Sandbox solution the site administrator user has to upload the .wsp file containing the solution, and activate it. The Silverlight VRECI FileManager application then has to be placed on a web-page.

Downloading the VRECI.WSP File from

From the website download a VRECI_vX.Y.Z.wsp file (E.g. Vreci_v3.0.5.wsp) and store on your local system.


Uploading the VRECI.WSP File to a SharePoint Sandbox solution

  1. In SharePoint 2010 go to the 'Site Settings' page. (Figure 12a)
  2. Pick 'Solutions' from the 'Galleries' section. (Figure 12b)
  3. Pick 'Upload Solution' from the ribbon. (Figure 12c) You may need to click around the web-page until the ribbon appears.
  4. Upload the Vreci_vX.Y.Z.wsp file (where X.Y.Z) is the version. (Figure 12d)
  5. Click on 'Activate' in the popup window that appears. (Figure 12e) This is the first of two activations.
  6. Go to the 'Site Settings' page for the site you want to activate the solutions for. (See Figure 12a again.)
  7. Under 'Site Actions' choose 'Manage site features'. (Figure 12f)
  8. Choose 'Activate' for the 'Virtual Research Environment for Cancer Imaging' feature. (Figure 12g)



Figure 12a


Figure 12b


Figure 12c


Figure 12d


Figure 12e


Figure 12f


Figure 12g


Creating a page containing the VRECI File Manager

All of the file selection and file viewing functionality has been placed within a Silverlight application contained in the SharePoint Sandbox Solution. This needs to be added to a page so that it can be used.

  1. Go to the site where the VRE-CI SharePoint Sandbox Solution is activated.
  2. In the site actions select 'New Page' (Figure 13a) and give it a name (Figure 13b)
  3. On the page enter some text (Figure 14d) and from the insert ribbon choose the 'Web Part' button. (Figure 13c)
  4. In the Media and Content category, select the Silverlight Web Part and click the Add button. (Figure 14e)
  5. In the popup window asking for the Silverlight Web Part details (Figure 15f) add the following path: /VreciModule/FileManager.xap (Note that the initial slash is important!)
  6. In the right hand context menu of the Silverlight Web Part choose 'Edit Web Part'. (Figure 15g)
  7. Make the WebPart bigger, 800 by 800 pixels, (sensible minimum 640x640) change the Chrome to None and set the parameter dcmlibrary=Shared Documents and click OK. (Figure 15h)
  8. You should now have a page looking similar to the one in diagram 16.







Figure 13: Creating a page






Figure 14: Editing the page







Figure 15: Configuring the Silverlight WebPart



Figure 16: The Silverlight File Manager embedded in a page.

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